New Modular Chemical Injection Systems!

Graco’s Oil & Natural Gas Division is pleased to announce the release of new Modular Chemical Injection Systems!

The new modular product offering from Graco gives you and your end users the flexibility of customizing chemical injection systems according to your specific needs and site requirements. The new Modular Chemical Injection Systems include new:

  • Modular control boxesModular Control Box Photo
  • Charge controller options
  • Solar panel kits including mounting kits
  • Battery options

Instead of specifying a pre-packaged chemical injection system for your applications, you can order your system components á la carte!

The new Modular Boxes cover a wide range of features and standards that help meet the market requirements. They are customizable so the correct box configurations can be achieved based on your application needs. From plastic to steel boxes, AC and DC powered options, standard all the way up to NEMA-rated box options, Graco’s got you covered!

Below are the new modular box options:
  • One battery control box
    • For DC power only
    • Metal and plastic options
    • Houses a Harrier® EZ controller
  • Two battery control box
    • Aluminum construction
    • Removable sub-plate for easy battery access
    • Configured with all controller and charge controller options
    • Lockable slide lid
  • NEMA 4 rated control box
    • For AC power
    • Harrier+ controller
    • Lockable
    • Lockout/tagout disconnect switch
  • NEMA 4X rated control box
    • For DC power
    • One and two battery options
    • All charge controller options
  • Four battery control box
    • For DC power
    • Pre-configured sub-plates for easy battery access
    • Plastic box sold separate
    • All controllers and charge controllers options can be used

A wide selection of charge controllers, solar panel kit options and batteries are all part of the new modular product offering from Graco. Selecting the right charge controller, solar panel and battery is key in properly sizing your chemical injection system. This helps eliminate sizing issues and gives the end-user and distributor ease of mind!

Below are the new charge controller, solar panel and battery options:

Charge Controllers (part of the Control Box configuration)

  • ASC™ 12/8 (12V, C1D2, no LVD)
  • ASC™ 12/12 (12V, C1D2, no LVD)
  • ASC™ 12/16 (12V, C1D2, no LVD)
  • ASC™ 24/16 (24V, C1D2, no LVD)
  • SunSaver™ SS20L-12V (12V, C1D2, LVD)
  • SunSaver™ SS20L-24V (24V, C1D2, LVD)
  • ProStar™ 30 (12/24V, LVD, ordinary location)
  • ProStar™ 30M (12/24V, LVD, ord. loc., screen)
Solar Panels Kits (8)
  • B32016:  50W, 12V (ordinary location)
  • B32014:  100W, 12V (ordinary location)
  • B32021:  160W, 12V (ordinary location)
  • B32752:  265W, 24V (ordinary location)
  • B32018:  50W, 12V (C1D2)
  • B32017:  90W, 12V (C1D2)
  • B32751:  150W, 12V (C1D2)
  • B32753:  120W, 24V (C1D2)
Stand Kits (10)
  • B32789:  1 solar panel, 3ft (50W – 100W)
  • B32790:  1 solar panel, 3ft (120W – 180W)
  • B32791:  1 solar panel, 3ft (265W)
  • B32792:  1 solar panel, 6ft (50W – 100W)
  • B32793:  1 solar panel, 6ft (120W – 180W)
  • B32794:  1 solar panel, 6ft (265W)
  • B32796:  3 solar panel, 3ft (120W – 180W)
  • B32797:  3 solar panel, 6ft (120W – 180W)
  • B32739:  A-frame (50 – 150W)
  • B32795:  AC mounting kit, 6ft
Battery Kits (2)
  • B32020:  Lead acid (96Ah)
  • B32019:  AGM (100Ah)

Please see the latest revision of the ONG Modular Control Boxes brochure for all parts and kits.

For Technical or Customer Service assistance if required for product selection or technical information, call 866-552-1868.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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