G-Chem™ Pump Upgrades

Introducing Two Great Upgrades on G-Chem Pumps!

At Graco, we pride ourselves on listening to and serving our customers’ needs. We have made a couple of key design upgrades to our G-Chem pump based on customer feedback.

These exciting enhancements are:G-Chem with mountable Stand

  1. The addition of a bleed/prime valve assembly
  2. A mountable stand is replacing the former stand

The bleed/prime assembly valve has replaced the NPT bleed bolt design and is the same one used on Wolverine fluid heads. These now come installed on the G-Chem fluid heads.

The original four-legged pump stand has been replaced with a mountable style stand similar to the one used on Wolverine pumps.

Please note that all G-Chem pumps shipping out of the factory today will come with these new upgrades. And best of all, no list price change on these pumps!!

These are great pumps with very competitive prices! Great pumps, competitive pricing and two new upgrades, makes the G-Chem pump the very best value in its class and in the marketplace!!

For Technical or Customer Service assistance if required for product selection or technical information, please call 866-552-1868.

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