Complete Chemical Management System Now Available!

Check out Graco’s new tank level monitor and full chemical management solutions.
Harrier+ with TL Kit

Graco’s Oil and Natural Gas Division is excited to introduce the new tank level monitor and full chemical management system! The Harrier®+ enhanced pump automation solution now comes with tank level monitoring capabilities for chemical injection systems.

You can remotely monitor and control key chemical injection system parameters like pressures, flow rates, voltage and tank levels to ensure your chemical injection system is operating efficiently.

Graco’s chemical management with tank level monitoring is an all-in-one solution that helps end-users and operators reduce their operating expenses while optimizing their chemical injection applications.

Features and enhancements include:

  • Tank level monitoring
    • Ensure your chemical tank has an adequate chemical supply with real-time monitoring of your chemical tank level
  • Flow verification
    • Validate your chemical tank and pump volumes are coinciding
    • Ensure accurate dosing
  • 4-20 mA input signal
    • For additional auxiliary meters such as H2S and O2 sensors
  • Tank shape selection
    • Harrier+ controller can be set up to handle any shape tank
  • Harrier+ menu screen enhancements
    • Easier to use menu screens
  • Enhanced smart alarms and notifications
    • Receive email notification with troubleshooting information

All Harrier+ controllers now come with these new enhanced capabilities. The new tank level monitor sensor kit is sold separately under kit number B32771.

Please note that the part numbers for all Harrier+ controllers and control boxes will remain the same and prices are unchanged! The new tank level monitor sensor is only compatible with the Series B Harrier+ controllers and control boxes. To ensure you have a tank-level-ready Harrier+ controller, check the series on the back of the controller. All Harrier+ controllers now shipping out of the factory are the Series B controllers. Please note the Series A Harrier+ controllers are NOT field upgradable.

For additional information, refer to our  Tank Level Monitoring web page. Here you will find the brochuremanualflyer and much more.

For Technical or Customer Service assistance if required for product selection or technical information, please call 866-552-1868.


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