Who’s Who in Sales and Marketing for HiP® and SHS!

Graco Inc. acquired High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP) and Staffordshire Hydraulic Services Ltd (SHS) in 2015 as part of Graco’s Oil & Natural Gas division. HiP supplies high pressure valves, fittings and tubing to the oil and gas industry, which includes a full line of valves and fittings meeting NACE MRO175. SHS designs and manufactures standard and custom-built air driven liquid and gas test equipment, chemical injection units, power units and hydraulic offshore consoles for high pressure needs.

We’d like to introduce you to their top-notch marketing and sales team:

Staffordshire Hydraulic Services (SHS)

 Larry Loper Photo HiP Lawrence Loper, HiP General Manager

Email: larry@highpressure.com

Phone: 814.838.2028

 Grant S Photo HiP Grant Schluender, HiP International Sales and Marketing Manager

Email:  gschluender@highpressure.com

Phone: 814.835.1806

 Tony Pepicello Photo HiP Tony Pepicello, HiP Inside Sales Engineer

Email: tony@highpressure.com

Phone: 814.835.1805

 Seamus Louis Photo HiP Seamus Louis, HiP Inside Sales Engineer

Email: seamus@highpressure.com

Phone: 814.835.1804

 Tim Cavicchio Photo HiP Tim Cavicchio, HiP Inside Sales Representative

Email: tcavicchio@highpressure.com

Phone: 814.835.1818

 Seth Fabac2 Seth Fabac, HiP Inside Sales Representative

Email: sfabac@highpressure.com

Phone: 814.835.1807

Staffordshire Hydraulic Services (SHS)

 Steve Hanson Steve Hanson, SHS Regional Sales Manager

Email: steveh@highpressure.com

Phone: 44 (0)7850 609883

 Keith Billington Keith Billington, SHS Business Development Manager

Email: keithb@staffshydraulics.co.uk

Phone: 44 (07500) 968045

 Jimmy Hill Jimmy Hill, SHS Regional Sales Manager

Email: jimmyh@staffshydraulics.co.uk

Phone: 44 (01782) 771225 x224

 Paul Higginbottom Paul Higginbottom, SHS Inside Sales Engineer

Email:  paulh@staffshydraulics.co.uk

Phone: 44 (01782 771225 x 207

 David Hassall David Hassall, SHS Inside Sales Engineer

Email:  dave.hassall@staffshydraulics.co.uk

Phone: 44 (01782) 771225 x202

For additional information on HiP and SHS, please check out  http://www.highpressure.com/ and http://www.staffshydraulics.co.uk/.