How to properly size your chemical injection pump when using an Atomizer in an injection line application

Line pressure is typically one of the key factors considered when sizing a chemical injection pump for oil and natural gas well applications. The well pressure will determine the working pressure of the chemical injection pump and must not exceed the rated pressure of that pump. If the pump is operating past its rated pressure, there is a risk of significantly reducing the life of the pump or damaging it. This would be a misapplication of the product and, can void the pump’s manufacturing warranty.

It is important to note that when an atomizer is installed in the injection line, a new line pressure needs to be determined to properly size the pump. The maximum line pressure now equals the well pressure plus the cracking pressure of the atomizer. This becomes the new total pressure the pump is required to overcome.

For example:
If the cracking pressure of the atomizer is 500 psi and your well pressure is 900 psi, your chemical pump must be rated for above 1400 psi.

See Figure below for Chemical Pump Properly Size
See Figure below for Chemical Pump Undersized
CIP with Atomizer
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