Mongoose Product Release

Graco’s Oil & Natural Gas division is pleased to announce the product release of our Mongoose electronic low pressure chemical metering pump line!

The Mongoose™ pump comes with a SST or PVDF fluid section and operates across various voltage ranges. Key features which differentiate our pumps from other competitive pumps include:

  • Graco’s unique poppet style check valves included with SST fluid sections
  • A built-in replaceable power fuse
  • Protective transparent cover
  • Built-in prime and air bleed port

Please see the selection chart below for relevant part numbers, descriptions and pricing.

Part Number Pump Configuration Flow Pressure Voltage Fluid Section
A21000 LCI-1A17-SPD-0 17 GPD 250 psi 120 VAC 316 SST
A21004 LCI-2A17-SPD-0 17 GPD 250 psi 240 VAC 316 SST
A21016 LCI-1210-SPD-0 10 GPD 140 psi 12 VDC 316 SST
A21008 LCI-1A17-KPA-0 17 GPD 250 psi 120 VAC PVDF
A21009 LCI-1A15-KPA-0 15 GPD 150 psi 120 VAC PVDF
A21010 LCI-1A30-KPA-0 30 GPD 110 psi 120 VAC PVDF
A21011 LCI-1A45-KPA-0 45 GPD 75 psi 120 VAC PVDF
A21012 LCI-2A17-KPA-0 17 GPD 250 psi 240 VAC PVDF
A21013 LCI-2A15-KPA-0 15 GPD 150 psi 240 VAC PVDF
A21014 LCI-2A30-KPA-0 30 GPD 110 psi 240 VAC PVDF
A21015 LCI-2A45-KPA-0 45 GPD 75 psi 240 VAC PVDF

For more information, check out the online Mongoose brochure and instruction manual. If you have additional questions, please contact your Graco Account Manager.