Graco Sales Book Mobile App

Graco Sales Book is an innovative tool designed to give Graco distributors access to product information, including brochures, manuals, videos and training documents — all at your fingertips!

Graco Sales Book is now available to Graco ONG distributors.* Click here to register for a FREE account to access Graco Sales Book app. After you register, you will receive an email with a link to download the app and your login credentials.

Graco Sales Book App Features

  • Product literature and manuals
  • Links to product landing pages
  • Videos
  • Training resources
  • Link to product selector tool
  • Distributor development tools and resources
  • Access content anytime, anywhere!

Download the app today! The Graco Sales Book app is available for Apple, Android and Microsoft mobile devices.** After the initial download, the content is stored locally to your device. You can access the content anywhere, anytime, without WiFi or a data connection. You will need WiFi or a data connection to install periodic content updates or to access web links within the app.

The web version is also available! Graco Sales Book is also available on your PC or laptop. Visit and click to access the web version.***

New content is added on a regular basis! We add new content as we develop and launch new products. To download the new content, simply click “Check for Updates” and your new content will update and display in “What’s New!”

For more information and to register for FREE access, please visit For Graco Sales Book app training, visit Graco University. Search for Graco Sales Book to view training courses.

Need help registering? Contact Graco Sales Book Support.

Graco Sales Book will help you sell more and grow your business! Download the app today!

*Users must have a current, valid Graco account number to register for access. You will need to know your Graco account number to register. If you are unsure of your account number, please contact your Graco Account Manager.
**Mobile devices will need 3 to 5 GB of storage available to download Graco Sales Book. We recommend mobile devices connect to WiFi for the initial download of the app. After the initial download, the content is stored locally to the mobile device.
***An internet connection will be needed to access Graco Sales Book web version.