Graco High Pressure Valve Product Release

Graco’s Oil & Natural Gas (ONG) Division is pleased to announce the product release of key high pressure valves and related accessory products!


Last year, Graco Inc. acquired the High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP) to add specialized high pressure valves and accessories to our Oil & Natural Gas product offering. All HiP® products will continue to be offered under the HiP brand.

The Product

Products available in this group offering include:

  • High Pressure valves with tubing connections or threaded connections with ratings of 10,000 (690 bar), 15,000 (1035 bar), 20,000 (1380 bar), 30,000 (2070 bar), and 40,000 psi (2760 bar) pressure rating
  • High Pressure line filters and check valves with 10,000 (690 bar), 15,000 (1035 bar), 20,000 (1380 bar), 30,000 (2070 bar), and 40,000 psi (2760 bar) pressure rating
  • High Pressure relief valves with 1,500-40,000 psi (103-2760 bar) pressure range
  • Various other higher pressure connection fittings, elbows, plugs, tees, crosses, rupture discs, safety heads, glands, couplers and caps

The Offer

Effective immediately, Graco will also offer key HiP high pressure valves and accessory products that range in the 0-40,000 psi (0-2760 bar) under the Graco packaging.

The product will fit into countless high pressure markets that include:

  • Oil and Gas upstream and downstream
  • Chemical and Refining
  • Power Generating
  • Water-Jetting and Cutting
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • High Pressure Testing Systems
  • High Pressure Blasting and Cleaning
  • Mining
  • General Industrial

The majority of the products are USA-made in Erie, PA. Products will be available to be viewed and ordered on GEDI, as with any other ONG product. The products will ship from the Graco central warehouse in Minnesota to our distributors, just like most Graco products.

A new GDAP program has been developed for this product offering. Visit Graco Sales Book for program details. The GDAP addendum forms are available in GEDI for submission. Graco pricing is competitive and the products are high quality as you would expect from a Graco business. 


Check out our new High Pressure Vales and Accessories Buyer’s Guide (3G0029) that has been developed.

For Technical or Customer Service assistance if required for product selection or technical information, please call 866-552-1868. Your Graco ONG Account Manager will be in contact with you to review all details of the program and product.