Ask a Graco ONG Technical Question!

We’re ready to serve you!  For technical inquiries such as finding the best solution for specific applications, receiving troubleshooting solutions or requesting product diagnostics and recommended options, please contact Graco’s Technical Assistance directly. This can be done in two different ways:

A. By Phone – Call 866-552-1868

  • 1 = Customer Service, Ext. 2 = Technical Assistance, Ext. 3 = Warranty

B.  By Email – Go to

  • Click on “Contact Us” > “Oil & Natural Gas Equipment” > “Contact Tech Support”

Tech Service Screenshot

Graco’s success is built on its unwavering commitment to technical excellence, world-class manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. We encourage you to take advantage of utilizing our Technical Assistance support group for your technical inquiries and questions.